• GET Service

Co-funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Union

GET Service Final Event

On October 1st a workshop is organized at Rotterdam Harbor on information sharing in the logistics sector. Speakers from the logistics sector will outline the problems that they are facing with respect to information sharing, after which software tool vendors and academics will discuss solutions that exist and are being developed.

Problems that will be addressed include:
  1. How to reduce workload and stress of planners by providing easy access to transportation-related information, such as: current delays of ships and airlines; current status of the transportation infrastructure, including tunnels and inland waterways; and current status of charters.
  2. How to plan more efficiently, by directly integrating charters and single drivers into your planning systems.
  3. How to prepare for unexpected events, such as long delays because of weather conditions, strikes and rerouted airplanes and how to be informed as soon as possible when they occur and provide quick access to information on how to handle them.

The workshop starts at 10:00 and concludes at 16:00, after which drinks are served.

Attendance is free, but registration is required. When you register, we will inform you about the detailed program and the precise location of the event.