• GET Service

Co-funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Union



Main Goal

The main objective of the project is to develop a Service Platform for Green European Transportation (GET), that facilitates real-time aggregated planning, synchro-modal (re-)planning, reduction of empty miles and co-modal planning, as described above.


In order to achieve this major goal the project has identified the following objectives:

  1. Developing facilities for providing real-time transportation information that is aggregated from a multiple sources, including (cooperative) devices, such as route planning devices and transportation infrastructure sensors, and information systems from transportation stakeholders, such as shipping companies and road managers;
  2. Developing novel transportation and route planning algorithms that use real-time aggregated information for green and efficient planning;
  3. Developing support for the creation of services that encapsulate transportation- and logisticsrelated tasks. Developing support for controlling those services according to the transportation or route plan, including the automated rollback, cancellation and re-execution of services when changes are made to the transportation plan;
  4. Developing end-user services, which use the information aggregation, planning and control facilities to enable user scenarios related to real-time aggregated planning, synchro-modal (re-) planning, reduction of empty miles and co-modal planning.
  5. Developing viable business models for the platform, taking into account the perspectives of the various stakeholders involved, including both end-users service providers and information and intermediate-level service providers;
  6. Demonstrably improving the efficiency of transportation and reducing CO2 emission.

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