• GET Service

Co-funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Union



GET Service advances State-Of-The-Art as far as it concerns:

A. Planning and Control

1. Aggregate real-time data from multiple sources to enable predictive planning.

2. Include transportation-related tasks in planning and control to support more efficient (co-modal) planning.

B. Developement and Composistion

Make existing techniques applicable in the transportation domain by specializing them, extending them driven by the domain-specific requirements and implementing them for the concrete transportation scenarios of the project. Develop domain specific constructs.

C. Orchestration and Reconfiguration

1. Enable dynamic reconfiguration of service composition to support advanced transportation re-planning problems.

2. Ideally, support arbitrary dynamic reconfiguration.

D. Information Aggregation 

Exploit transportation plans and control structures to automatically derive aggregate information needs and missing information.

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